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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock Review

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Amazon keeps looking for ways to enhance the sound quality and functionality of its smallest smart speaker while also adding new features like eero compatibility and enhanced LED display functionality. However, the removal of the 3.5mm jack and the limited color options are drawbacks of the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock.

  • Highly enhanced sound quality
  • Compact footprint
  • Addition of a new temperature sensor
  • More beneficial clock
  • New Wi-Fi features
  • Absence of 3.5mm jack
  • Comes with a limited frequency range

Detailed Review of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock


Overview of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The addition of an LED digital clock to the front of the round Dot is the main feature of the Echo Dot with Clock. The display is always on and provides quick access to information like the time and temperature. As it is digital, it is also perfect to use even in bathrooms if you want. For those who are light-sensitive, an in-built light sensor adjusts the display’s brightness to maintain a neutral environment for sleeping.


New Features of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The 2022 Echo Dot with Clock offers several noteworthy updates and features, depending on the Amazon Echo you might be thinking to replace. By offering “an improved audio experience for deeper bass, clearer vocals, and vibrant sound,” Amazon has increased the speaker’s functionality. The aforementioned LED display now has new functionality. 

It can now display more pertinent information to your inquiry apart from time and temperature, scroll through song titles, and show additional weather information. In addition, the 2022 Echo Dot with Clock has a temperature sensor hidden beneath the case that you can use to program Alexa actions based on the environment’s temperature. The Echo Dot with Clock is a fantastic option if you are looking for an affordable yet small and smart personal assistant speaker that also functions as a reliable alarm clock.

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Alarm Clock of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The Dot’s tiny size makes it perfect for your nightstand. To avoid having to remember to change the alarm every night, it is simple to ask Alexa to set one for you every evening or to set one for every weekday. This feature is great as it allows you to fall asleep while reading a book without worrying that you will wake up too early if you forget to set the alarm. At the same time, weekends do not have early morning alerts! Of course, you can modify the alarm sound that Alexa would play by using the Alexa app.


Speaker Quality of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The Echo Dot with Clock is undoubtedly less powerful than some of the other Echo devices due to its smaller speaker (in comparison to a full-size Echo), but Amazon has worked hard to improve the sound quality so that audio does not sound tinny and small. However, unlike the original Echo Dots, which might have felt like a compromise made to save money, this small unit no longer feels like a supplementary or satellite device to your overall system. The Echo Dot with Clock sounds much better now thanks to the audible improvements in audio quality. The audio is clear, and it gets loud enough to be comfortable in a bedroom. 


Personal Assistant Quality of Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The Dot with Clock’s true strength is as an Alexa smart speaker and digital assistant. This Alexa product uses voice control, just like other Alexa products, so that you can instruct to do things like turn on or off lights or change the temperature of the home. You can ask it to check the weather, play music or news briefings, play audiobooks from Audible, set timers and alarms, or just ask any question that is rattling around in your head. The Echo Dot with Clock can also be used as a speakerphone, for Wi-Fi audio calls, and in-room calls.


OS CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
ColorWhite, Blue
Speaker size1.6
Display includedYes
Alexa CallingYes
Network connectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth
DimensionsWidth: 100
Height: 89
Depth: 100
Weight351.30 kgv

It is quite difficult to find anything to dislike about the Echo Dot with Clock as long as your expectations of sound are moderated (5th Gen). However, it is a drawback to not having the 3.5mm audio line. Without the price change, the speaker has received a lot of upgrades which is amazing. The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is very beneficial as it displays the time at a glance and wakes you up using an ordinary alarm clock. However, it also allows you to play music and communicate with Alexa while improving your smart home in the background thanks to an integrated temperature sensor and eero system. So take the joy of the new features of the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock..

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