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Best Black Friday Deals to Watch in India

One of the greatest achievements of the internet is that it has truly made us a global community. While the holiday Black Friday may have meant nothing to Indian shoppers in the past, it is now a reason  for them to be very excited.

Traditionally celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, Black Friday is an annual shopping festival that brings great deals on popular products. 

Celebrated across sectors and universally popular, it is not uncommon to see huge crowds at the doors or retail outlets even in the wee hours of the morning!

Well, thanks to the internet, those very crowds are now anxiously waiting in front of their screens, ready to cash in on the best deals on their favourite products. Or maybe in front of the store, waiting for its shutters to open. 

Whatever the case, here are some of the best Black Friday deals users need to watch out for in India!

Amazon’s Cyber Monday:

While technically not a Black Friday event, Cyber Monday is widely seen as the online version of it. It is celebrated as the Monday after Black Friday. Amazon’s Cyber Monday is worth looking out for if gadgets and electronics are at the top of a wishlist. 

With deals on products from a variety of big brands like Apple, Samsung and many more, that new phone or fancy earphones could be just a click away!

However, there are also Black Friday deals on a wide range of products that extend over the weekend. With Cyber Monday around the corner, Amazon is sure to see a lot of traffic, and shoppers would be wise to try and grab their products as early as they can.

They would certainly have a lot to choose from, with a lot of attractive deals and discounts on Alexa-enabled devices, Fitbits, Ring devices, FIFA World Cup official gear, Ray Ban eyewear, XBox controllers and so much more! 

Users need to keep their eyes open and laptops primed in the last week of November, 2022!

Puma’s Black Friday Sale:

The best part of Balck Friday sales is that they often extend over the weekend. This gives shoppers the incentive they need to get to the store in their leisure time, and be rewarded for doing so in the bargain. 

Puma is clearly ahead of this curve, with a Black Friday sale going from November 26th to 29th, 2022. Shoppers can enjoy up to 40% off on all products, with an additional 25% off on Black Friday for select ones. 

That weekend might be the perfect time for users to grab some swanky new gear for their workouts, or just a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers for a fraction of its usual price!

Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale:

For those shoppers with a keen and discerning eye for beauty and wellness products, Nykaa’s “Pink” Friday sale is from November 26th all the way to November 30th! 

Users can stock up on essentials for their kit, or go ahead and experiment with something new from a variety of brands like Lakme, MAC, Smashbox and Clinic all under one roof.

With up to 40% off on all products in both online and offline channels, this is one sale consumers do not want to miss out on!

Getting the Most Out of Black Friday:

While the above Black Friday events are the ones that have been publicly announced, it is also advisable to keep checking back with the brands whose products are on individual wishlists. 

It is highly likely that individual brands may seek to encourage offline store visits by offering discounts on their products and perhaps even through their websites. It could be worth checking out their websites regularly in order to grab the best possible deals as soon as they are available.

It is equally important to remember to buy products only from verified, trustworthy sources both online and offline. This ensures that only genuine products that deliver the best value are being delivered!

Another important aspect to look out for is the returns policy. As it often happens, a product may not really live up to expectations, and one is certainly right to want their hard earned money back. 

However, a retailer may face challenges with returning products, and thus has special policies to reduce their expenses. Knowing these policies and the return window on products can help one make an informed decision on products they are interested in. 

As always, any personal information and passwords must be kept confidential when shopping online, or stored securely for ease of use. One can never be too careful!

With Black Friday just around the corner, India is gearing up along with the world to make the most of the holidays, and perhaps grab a bargain or two out of it as well.

Happy shopping!

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