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DJI OM 5 review- the best gimbal out there

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The DJI Om 5 comes with a smaller battery compared to the DJI OM4. The new gimbal does not come with power bank support, it has a very sleek layout with new selfie stick functions packed in it. The DJI OM 5 is little intuitive and for a user to get in the groove of the gimbal need to spend a little time to use its full specifications. Although with bare minimum complaints the camera does excellent job in shooting and is not way to be compared with predecessors.

  • Choice of sizes
  • Slimmer, but still tough
  • Advanced training tools
  • Excellent GPS tracking
  • Extra long battery life
  • Doesn't display maps well

Detailed Review of DJI OM 5


Overview of DJI OM 5

Nowadays making content in the video format is becoming a new trend as well as profession for popular platforms like YouTube and Instagram to say a few. But, the majority of the vloggers are not using DSLRS  or cameras rather prefer mobile phones as their go to device. But, we all know that mobile videos often have a bad  quality in terms of shaking and stabilization issues, that’s where gimbal comes in. The DJI are known for drones and gimbals, lately they have launched the DJI OM 5  which comes after DJI4 . Let us check in detail here.



The DJI OSMO 5 does not come in any package, you have to buy the clamp separately and it comes at a good price over four thousand rupees. Previously the clamp was always included but now it is sold separately. The weight of the DJI Osmo 5 has reduced considerably, even setting  the clamp. It seems their main target was to reduce the weight of the gimbal, but it came at an additional cost too.

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Features of DJI OSMO 5

The rubber finish handgrip is now more sturdy and better as the position has changed from front to rear. The change in position of the handgrip is very practical, smart and traditional too allowing better movement and gripping postures to take better photos. The handgrip now comes with an extended stick which is similar to selfie stick this helps in better exposure in photos. The DJI osmo 5 comes with a new multifunction key which helps in single press to toggle between front and rear cameras while the double press lets it tilt from landscape to portrait and vice versa. A single press also allows the option to switch photo and video modes. 

The rear of the DJI om 5 is nothing to be discussed up on , as it has a rather simple look with a usb type c port for charging and a trigger button which when pressed goes to active tracking and when pressed double then switches the smart phone to its default settings.


Performance of DJI OM 5

One of the biggest plus points of the gimbal is that it weighs only 290 grams which is similar to almost all smart phones of the present day. The phones when fixed on the gimbal stays fixed without any issue of sluggishness, even on hard case back cover too it has no interruptions. The compactness of the gimbal DJI OSMO 5  is on another level when folded it can be easily hidden in pockets without any disturbance. The hinges are very good as a result the smoothness in folding is not to be missed but when unfolded on some occasions the screws act a bit cumbersome. 

The DJI OSMO 5 cannot work over 30fps , this is one thing to keep in mind. The device compatibility issue is prominent as in many devices it cannot record 4k videos which is a setback for its standard. The active tracker in DJI OSMO 5  lets you choose on your desired subject and enable the viewfinder option and follows accordingly.

DJI OM 5 is 100g lighter than the OM 4, and when folded up, fits in a large pocket without too much trouble


BEZEL MATERIALfiber-reinforced polymer
DISPLAY RESOLUTION176 x 176 pixels
DISPLAY TYPEmonochrome, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
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