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Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch Review

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The Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch boasts a diverse range of remarkable features that truly set it apart as a top-tier wearable device. One of its standout qualities is the inclusion of a high-resolution touchscreen display, ensuring not only crystal-clear visuals but also a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

Battery Life
  • Sleek and bold design.
  • Heart rate monitoring for fitness tracking
  • Durable construction for everyday use
  • Lack of advanced health tracking features
  • Potential connectivity issues with certain devices

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Overview of FireBoltt Emerald Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch is the latest addition to the Fire-Boltt lineup of smartwatches. It comes packed with a variety of features that make it a great option for anyone looking for a stylish and functional smartwatch. In this review, we will dive into the key features, price, launch details, benefits, and additional features of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch.


key features of the Emerald Smartwatch by Fire-Boltt

HD Display with a 1.09-Inch Resolution

One of the standout features of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch is its HD display with a 1.09-inch resolution. The vibrant and sharp display allows for a clear and immersive viewing experience.

Bluetooth Calling

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch also offers Bluetooth calling functionality, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. This feature adds convenience and accessibility to your daily communication.

Long Battery Life

With a battery life of up to 5 days, purchase the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch ensures that you can use it for extended periods without worrying about frequent recharging. This makes it ideal for those who are always on the go.

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How much does the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch cost in India?

Price in India

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch is priced competitively in India, starting from Rs. 2023. This makes it an affordable option for those who want to experience the benefits of a smartwatch without breaking the bank.

Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch Price

The price of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch varies depending on the variant and additional features you choose. You can visit the official Fire-Boltt website or authorized retailers to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


Is the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch launched in India?

Launched in India

Yes, the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch has been launched in India, offering Indian consumers the opportunity to experience its features and benefits firsthand.

Smartwatch Launched in India

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch is part of the growing market of smartwatches launched in India. Its availability in the Indian market ensures that consumers have a wide range of options to choose from.


Benefits of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch

Stylish Watch with Multiple Sports Modes

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch combines style with functionality, thanks to its sleek design and multiple sports modes. Whether you are hitting the gym or going for a run, this smartwatch can track your activities and help you achieve your fitness goals.

 Smart Notifications and Watch Faces

Stay connected and informed with the smart notifications feature of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch. You can receive notifications for calls, messages, and other apps directly on your wrist. Additionally, you can customize the watch faces to suit your style and preferences.

 Heart Rate Monitoring and SpO2 Measurement

Monitoring your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels is made easy with the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch. It provides real-time data, allowing you to keep track of your health and make informed decisions.


Additional features of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch is IP68 water and dust resistant, making it suitable for various environments and activities. You can wear it while swimming or engaging in outdoor adventures without worrying about damage.

 Voice Assistant and Rotating Crown

Enhance your smartwatch experience with the voice assistant feature of the Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch. You can navigate and control your device using voice commands. The rotating crown adds convenience and ease of use.

 Stainless Steel Strap and Microphone/Speaker

The Fire-Boltt Emerald Smartwatch features a stylish stainless steel strap that adds elegance to your wrist. It also comes equipped with a microphone and speaker, allowing for seamless communication.


Weight48 grams
Shape and SurfaceCircular, Flat
Text MessageYes
Incoming CallYes
Camera Shutter ControlYes
calories Intake/BurnedYes
Water ResistanceYes

The Fire-Boltt Emerald smartwatch boasts integrated GPS capability for precise tracking of outdoor endeavors, offering comprehensive insights into routes and distances covered. Its extended battery life guarantees uninterrupted usage, while its robust build ensures resilience against everyday use. This smartwatch proves to be a potent partner, catering to those in search of a multifaceted and well-equipped wearable gadget.

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