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GoPro Hero 10 Review -Is this the best action camera ?

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The GoPro Hero 10 is not here with some drastic changes than Hero 9 but it is way faster as its claim , better refined and finally more user friendly to use. It can be easily stated this is the best action camera that one can purchase in the present time. The primary improvements are the upgrading to GP2 chip set from long running GP1, making slow motion frames rates enabled, better image quality and lastly boost in speed for transferring. But, the battery life is still a frowning point.

  • Improved performance
  • Incredible video stabilization
  • 4K@120fps is fun
  • Better water repellent lens
  • Poor battery life
  • Low-light performance
  • Expensive

Detailed Review of GoPro Hero 10


Overview of GoPro Hero 10

The two Slogans for GoPro hero 10

The slogan “A new era” fits the bill perfectly. The company has been making every year an edge higher with their camera to upgrade themselves really makes its relatability factor score high. 

The “new era “ words comes from their upgraded chipset to GP2 which was long due and pending. The GP2 is actually the chipset that boots the full camera. This upgrade has come in with lots of internal upgrades like frame rates for slow motion has been enabled, the overall performance has scaled up.The earlier update on chipset was done when gopro hero 6 was released so the slogan definitely lives up to the claim. 

“Speed with ease” is the second slogan that is being marketed which is true to its words. This GoPro hero 10 is certainly markedly improved from its predecessors in speed of file transfer and camera features. 

Let us check the detailed review to see what’s in store 



The look of GopRo hero 10 is similar to that of the GoPro hero 9. The only difference being the Logo of GoPro Hero 10 being on the side and top in blue , while the earlier was in gray color. In the physical aspect there is no other change to be noticed. If you are eying the GopRo Hero 10 with the motive to capture underwater events then this is definitely the right choice for you. The new action camera from GPro comes with a better water repellent feature. The lens cover comes with hydrophobic water repellent. Which makes it way more powerful than its earlier model. There is scope of water to repel or form any droplets .

 The lens of Gopro 10 is also tough in handling dust and scratches, the lens can be removed like in hero 9. But one thing to keep in mind, it will cost huge if there is any direct damage on the lens from the front. The max mode is supported in Gopro 10. The media mods of HEro 9 too are well supported in Hero 10. 

The 1.4 inch GoPro 10 LCD front screen lets the users get smoother transitions than earlier, that is because of the upgraded chipset of GP2. The touchscreen is one of the biggest improvements, as in the earlier version in Hero 9, the biggest complaints were related to the sluggish responsive touchscreen, but with the upgraded chipset, the usability and movement have been a piece of cake. The start up time to Hero 10 is also the best in the segment. The screen is best as it easily compares to the smartphone, it produces little to non significant slugs. 

In the battery ground there is no change, it is the same as GoPro hero 9. The sliding of the flap and opening it brings around the Type C and microSD card slot. The Type C slot is used to charge the Gopro and also to transfer files from gopro to other devices. 


Improved Video Frame rates

The camera sensors were enabled from Hero 9 onwards, but in Hero 9 it was not used properly as the chipset was low being GP1, but with GP2 in Hero 10 the camera sensors have been utilized fully. The hero 10 features a 23 megapixel camera and superphoto mode. THe GoPro hero 10 can turn any still photo to HDR quality too. To use the camera to its full galore, it is to be used in manual mode and then use 23 megapixel in full capacity. 


Still images at 23 megapixel

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It comes with 1.5GHz snapdragon 617 processor. The G4 plus has 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. It also comes with another variant of 3GB ram and 32GB internal storage. The internal memory can be extended up to 200Gb with help of microSD CARD. The smart phone comes with 3000 mAh with is quiet a compliment in its kitty. The smart phone is said to power in 15 minutes to work for 6 hours.


Improvements in Low light of GoPro Hero 10

To speak of the claim”the new era” the sensor upgrade was long overdue. The GoPro always complained of low light features.  The camera had always performed good day light , and bright sunny days. But until now, the camera had faltered to perform to its quality indoors, dusk or after dark. The situation now has changed, thanks to the GP2 the camera now has the capability to perform under low lights with better sensors. The noise and grains in images clicked are now better .


Image Stabilization with Hypersmooth 4.0

The image stabilization feature of Gopro cameras has been renovated from GoPro hero 7. With this feature the hyper-smooth 3.0 the image stabilization was always smooth , but it has taken it a notch higher, the Hypersmooth 4.0 was introduced with Hero 10. This made adventure videos capture better with higher resolutions and better frame rates. 


Battery performance of GoPro 10

There is an upgrade in battery power in Hero 10 from Hero 9, which means with increased frame rates and more resolution power the battery performance may drop further. The GoPRo, when charged, has been tested to become overheated quickly. If the Gopro is used to record videos at continous will no way last more than 90 minutes. So this is a big disappointment.

Opening the side door might seem difficult at first, but you’ll get used to it


Detail on GoPro hero 10
2.8 by 2.2 by 1.3 inches
Sensor Resolution23 MP
Sensor Type‎CMOS
Memory Card Slots1
Memory Card FormatmicroSDXC
Touch ScreenYes
ConnectivityBluetooth, USB-C, Wi-Fi
Video Resolution5.3K
Flat ProfileYes
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