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iPad Air 2022 Review – Magic of M1 chip

8.8Expert Score

The iPad Air 2022 offers unrivaled usefulness with the sheer number of things it can perform admirably is remarkable. The tablet is a fantastic drawing pad, movie screen, internet browser, and gaming machine, and it is as good as a laptop to some extent.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Amazing display and great audio quality
  • versatile
  • 64GB is low storage for the base model
  • Battery Performance can be better
  • Lack of better 5G support

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The iPad Air impressed everybody two years ago, and the 2022 version does the same. In colloquial language, the tablet is called iPad Air 5. The strong new M1 processor is excellent and is a welcome addition among digital artists and gamers. It’s an excellent tablet for word processing, digital drawing, gaming, texting, and other tasks.  Check it out!


Design and Display

The iPad Air 2022 has an impressive design with angular edges, giving users a sense of premium build. The tablet is available in two versions, Wi-Fi and 5G. These tablets weigh 469g (Wi-Fi) and 478g(5G) and are portable. The tablet, made using anodized aluminium, gives the user a  smooth feeling, and the edges allow the Apple Pencil to be stored on the side for storage and charging. One of the drawbacks of the build quality of the iPad Air is the positioning of the Touch ID sensor. The sensor is in the power button on the top side, which can also be on the left side when the tablet is in landscape mode. 

The build quality overall is excellent, with the USB-C connector placed at the bottom of the tablet. It is easy to plug and charge and does not get in the way. The tablet has accessories such as the heavy Magic keyboard, weighing nearly 500g. The keyboard, plus the tablet, is a worthy buy compared to a laptop.

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The iPad Air 2022’s display is the same as its predecessor. In terms of usability, it’s been great, and has an IPS LCD screen. Even with a 109″ screen, the tablet is easily portable. The tablet is comfortable for watching a movie, although a test while watching a 4K video might not be impressive. The speakers on the iPad Air are of average quality. They might not have the Dolby sound effect, but they do the job easily.


Performance and Hardware

The iPad Air’s specifications indicate that the base storage of the tablet is 64GB, which isn’t enough for most people in 2022, considering the number of apps people use daily. Downloading an app like Disney+ eats up nearly 3-4GB, and for other pre-installed apps, 64GB isn’t enough. Most users will be able to manage if the tablet has a base storage of 128GB.

The new iPad Air comes with the new M1 chip in it. The chip enables the tablet to multitask and run games faster than earlier in the benchmarking tests. Another addition is having 5G on board, implying users can get ultra-fast speeds on the move, providing improved coverage. Apple is amplifying this feature on a large scale, though the cellular version is enabled for Wifi.

Apple has introduced the Apple Pencil as an accessory to the iPad and can be purchased as an option. The option is expensive. The pencil can do a wide variety of things, such as digital sketching, note taking, and image manipulations. It is a good investment if users are into photo editing. 



The iPad Air 2022 comes loaded with the iPadOs 15.4, which is in succession to Apple’s tablet operating system with certain modifications making it more convenient for users. The finger swipes on the new tablet were smooth, the trays on the right top corner of the home screen are sleek, and searching for apps is easier. Having a clean desktop is far more pleasant than having to navigate through many screens to get the software you want. If a user is regular with the products that are part of Apple’s ecosystem, the process is easier. Especially apps like Pages or Safari, but using anything apart from that, users might find themselves looking for a laptop.    


Battery and Camera

Apple claims that the battery on the new iPad Air lasts close to 10 hours, which includes watching a video or surfing on the internet continuously for 9 hours alongside using multiple applications. The iPad Air, when tested on a train for some writing work, the tablet uses around 15% of power within the hour, while using Wi-Fi to surf the web. However, with less intense use the tablet doesn’t draw too much power. Apple provides a 20W adapter in the box, and that takes nearly three hours to charge completely from 0-100. The fast charge perk is there even with the M1 chip. The 20W adapter charges the battery in 2 hours and 35 minutes, whereas a 30W adapter does the same in 2 hours and 11 minutes. 

The iPad Air boasts two cameras, one on the front and the other on the back. Both of them come with a 12MP ultra-wide sensor. The M1 chip ensures that images from the back camera have lots of colour, sharpness, and depth. The camera is capable of capturing low-light shots, so the Air can handle most tasks. Adding a pair of AirPods and users have got a top-notch video-conferencing machine – or would have if Apple hadn’t kept the iPad Air tilting while held in portrait mode. 


Resolution2360×1640 pixels
ProcessorApple M1
Rear Camera12-megapixel
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