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Alienware x14 review- slimmest gaming laptop

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The Alienware x14 is an  absolute marvel of a laptop, with its gaming ability and compact style it’s sure a big head turner in the crowd. Although the battery performance and the webcam is sub level and needs more focus to make it an extraordinary standout among all gaming PC’s out in the market.

  • Impressively fast Core i7 “Alder Lake” processor
  • Impressively fast Core i7 “Alder Lake” processor
  • Compact design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Wide range of connectivity, including three USB-C ports
  • Expensive
  • Limited configurations available
  • Increased depth leaves larger footprint
  • Cramped keyboard layout

Detailed Review of Alienware x14

At the present time, thin and ever light laptops for gaming are now becoming a common craze for people. The Alienware X14 is no different to it, with its more power like mobile pC components , and better cooling features with space not being a concern, The Alienware X14 is a total game changer. Already a few laptops have come around that have bigger power and lighter body, but now with Alienware coming into the ring , the game became all the more interesting


Let us check out some of the highlighting features

  • At 14.5 the X14 Alienware has been touted to be the world’s slimmest laptop for gaming with its great design and superior build quality. 
  • The GeoForce RTX3060 from Nvidia and Intel produces a great chip along with the processor which is Intel Core i7 -12700H. This means it will be able to tackle many tough situations without any sweat. 
  • The laptop comes in a 14 inch screen with 1080p resolution which is great and at par with many top level laptops. Thus it has been acclaimed under eSports and gaming titles. 

Lets us check the detailed review here :


Design and Keyboard

With one glimpse on this gaming computer , when pulled out of packaging one will feel how thin the laptop is. People will often get confused and may get confused that it is a heavy beast gaming laptop. As normally gaming laptops are pretty heavy and bulky in feel. 

The laptop weighs only 4lbs and is only slightly more than an inch in thickness. The Alienware x14 is in many ways similar to the giants like Macbook pro and Dell XPS 15. The only edging point is that it has a bit more gaming element engraved in it. The only drawback related to the design of the laptop in terms of feel is that because of the elevated back it does feel a slight bulky.

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Through these vents a lot of hair has been channeled to make it cool and all the ports on the laptop are also placed here. While it is one of the most easy and compact laptops on table and stands, it does have the feel of Alienware to make it look heavy on hands. One of the drawbacks of Alienware x14 is that because of the protrusion style design at the back, though being a 14 inch laptop it does not fit comfortably in the backpack of 14 inch and it is quite a struggle to insert it. While in 15 inch laptop backpacks it gets in comfortably. This is the first laptop under 14 inch screen that comes with USB type C charging port and adapter, this means the charging adapters can be used in Dell XPS 15 as well as in MacBooks. 

On the ports front, the laptop comes one USB type C for charging, one micro Sd card reader, a MicroUsb A port, HDMI port and 2 thunderbolt with 4 ports and one headphone jack. Although it may bring frowns to many, but for its size and slim circumference this does fairly well. 

The Keyboard is thin , the travel is nice, the extra keys help to make it smooth and better perform than Razor. The trackpad is good with the use of a proper gaming mouse the performance can be enhanced to the next level.




  • The Alienware x14 comes with 1080 p resolution and refresh rate of 144Hz. 
  • The gaming computer comes with accurate colors and panel that is punchy and bright 
  • No upgrades are there in pipeline 

The screen components of Alienware x14 can be said to be similar to the entry level razor blade. This is a very big thing coming for Gaming laptop with a 14 inch screen. The brightness peaks at 446 nits and can be easily worked with little booster gaming laptops indoors as well as outdoors.



In terms of security aspect, the gaming laptop does not have much scope to perform, but it still works with the default windows hello IR webcam to make login via facial recognition an option.


Battery Life Performance

The laptop performs very average in terms of battery performance. The main reason behind the battery not being up to the expectations of 90whr and is restrained under 80 whr is to keep the laptop light and thin. The laptop when run of full capacity for gaming can remain charged till 5 hrs 30 min and if used for videos only then till 6 hrs. This is pretty low as many laptops in the gaming arena provide a bit more performance.



The Alienware X14 comes with intel iCore 12700H with 16 gb of RAM. This depicts the strength of the laptop and that it can be used as a dark horse.  The laptop when tested was found to easily take 50 open tabs on google chrome without any delay , some of which contained YouTube, twitch , Facebook and lots more. The laptop comes with two fans which keeps the laptop pretty cool and does not get overheated on use for a long interval. Another big thing about this laptop is that it does not get heated fast or produce any sound while it’s on , this makes it a bigger deal while thinking about purchasing



One of the drawbacks of this laptop is its camera. As we all know no camera and webcams with good pixel quality and color have become a necessity, the Alienware X14 does not have richness in its kitty. It has a webcam which will do the ordinary stuff, but when  it comes to quality and connections it falters miserably. Although Dell is known to set up good camera sensors and qualities , it seems upsetting that Alienware x14 though being talk of town is unable to upgrade better performance.

The Alienware X14 is a total game changer, with Alienware coming into the ring , the game became all the more interesting


Laptop Classgaming
Processor Speed2.7 GHz
Boot Drive TypeSSD
ProcessorIntel Core i7-12700H
Boot Drive Capacity2 TB
Touch ScreenNo
Panel TechnologyIPS
Graphics Memory6 GB
3.96 lbs
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