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DJI Avata Review

8.3Expert Score

The DJI Avata is a compact, user-friendly, but expensive FPV drone for beginners. Although slower than the current DJI FPV, it has a better camera and improved branch-hitting resistance. Although the Avata is lighter and more maneuverable than its FPV sibling, its price might prevent it from becoming widely popular.

  • New Goggles headset perfect for small drone
  • The huge sensor offers good video quality
  • The design is robust with some replacement parts
  • Costlier
  • The microSD card slot is placed poorly
  • Manual mode is absent with the standard controller
  • No case or bag options

Detailed Review of DJI Avata


Detailed overview of DJI Avata

Many people in the drone industry pondered how DJI’s first FPV (first-person view) drone might affect the market for these kinds of flying cameras when it was delivered in late March 2021. In retrospect, the DJI FPV has been seen as a bit of flawed curiosity that serves as a transitional device between DJI’s famed computer-controlled camera drones and the true FPV hardware, which is all about flying skills. To address some of the criticisms of the original design while maintaining the primary goal of introducing camera drone pilots to the thrilling world of FPV flying, the new DJI Avata was created.


Flight and Features of DJI Avata

The DJI Goggles, also known as headsets, are used almost exclusively for FPV flying. The new Goggles 2 is one option included with the Avata, but it is also compatible with the older Goggles V2. The Goggles V2 had Micro-LED panels with an 810p resolution for each eye, whereas the Goggles 2’s fastest frame rate is 100 frames per second. The Goggles 2 also have 1080p Micro-LED panels for each eye. The new Goggles 2 prioritizes resolution over frames-per-second in a resolution-framerate trade-off as the transmission bandwidth is still up to 50Mbps. The Avata’s maximum flight range is only 11.6 km, so any journeys longer than 5 km might result in the drone running out of battery before it can return.

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Controller, Design, and Headset of DJI Avata

The Avata’s design is a radical departure from the original DJI FPV as it has no folding components and instead encloses its blades in protective rings. In addition, the Avata seems like it was built to handle a few obstruction encounters without rapid and unexpected disassembly, even though we have not been able to test it to the point of failure. Even though the 410g Avata weighs less than the 795g DJI FPV, the inclusion of blade rings is a significant benefit if the drone ever collides with a living thing. The Avata can fit through much smaller gaps as it is both smaller and lighter, measuring only 18 cm square and 8 cm high. If you flip the underside of a window or other horizontal structure, the angle on the front of the frame should deflect the drone downward.


Photo and Video Quality of DJI Avata

Action cameras are typically mounted to FPV aircraft to produce the highest quality video, which makes them even trickier to fly. With the Avata, that is not necessary as the piloting camera is more than capable of recording up to 4K video at 60 frames per second or higher frame rates at 2.7K or 1080p. The DJI FPV’s 1/2.3 sensor is replaced by this sensor’s 1/1.7 sensor, which is a significant advancement over the prior sensor technology. Although the use of inches for sensor sizes can be a little confusing, the Avata camera has nearly 64% more surface area to capture light, with a 43mm-squared area compared to a 28.46mm-squared area.

With Avata’s wealth of features, DJI improved. Will there be DIY and do-it-yourself FPV seasoned pros who scorn this option for beginners? Yes, the Avata will appear overly simplistic to them. On the other hand, the Avata is so excellent that a user could completely ignore the crazy world of DIY FPV drones and still have access to a ton of features while honing their flying abilities. So get ready to buy this excellent drone for an excellent experience!


Weight14.3 oz
Dimensions3.2 by 7.1 by 7.1 inches
Integrated CameraIntegrated with Gimbal
Media Format  Internal, microSDXC
Video Resolution4K
Live Video Feed1080p
RemoteDedicated with FPV Goggles
Obstacle DetectionNo
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