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Microsoft surface pro 9 5g review

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The Surface Pro 9 5G moves forward Microsoft’s Surface series in the right direction with its larger screen, compact and slender pencil, and day-beating battery life, the ARM chip introduces a slew of issues.

Ease of Use
  • Outstanding Design
  • Responsive large screen
  • Long Battery Life
  • 5G built-in
  • Slim Pen and Surface Pro Signature Keyboard Cover.
  • ARM introduces several concerns with stability and system compatibility.
  • Users have to spend extra for the pen and the keyboard they require and choose.
  • Costly

Detailed Review of Microsoft surface pro 9 5g


Overview of Microsoft surface pro 9 5g

The standard Surface Pro 9 is a modest upgrade from last year’s Surface Pro 8. It jumps from an 11th-gen Intel CPU to a newer 12th-gen one and moves to a slightly faster type of RAM. And adds some new color options. If you’ve used a Surface Pro anytime in the last few generations, you already know exactly what this is. 


Design of Microsoft surface pro 9 5g

The thing about the Pro 9 5G is the 13-inch screen, which is much bigger than the 12.3-inch panel of the Surface Pro 7. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro series has been redesigned, resulting in a bigger and somewhat heavier gadget. It is aluminum (previously magnesium) body measures 287mm x 209mm x 9.3mm, making it broader and thicker than the Surface Pro 7. It is also 13 grams heavier at 878g. Since the Surface Pro 8, Microsoft has rearranged the buttons and connectors.

Microsoft has wisely moved the power or sleep button from the side to the top of the Surface Pro 9 5G (where it had previously been on all prior versions of the Pro series up to the Surface Pro 8) and next to the volume rocker button. Although the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G does not come with the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard Cover or the Slim Pen 2, these are being evaluated together.

As a result, we’ll discuss the tablet’s, keyboard’s, and pen’s unified design here. With the Surface Pro X, Microsoft redesigned the type cover attachment method to include a cleverly disguised nook for the Slim Pen 2. Instead of powerful magnets hugging one side of the Surface Pro, this Pen has its magnetic charging bed that is tucked away when a half-inch of the silicone case grips the bottom of the Surface Pro 9 5G screen. The two parts are joined along the bottom edge of the Surface Pro 9 5G, which has a Surface Type Cover connector. 

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Audio and Camera

Video conferencing is something Surface Pro computers have traditionally excelled in. Not at the least because they featured 1080p-capable front-facing cameras historically before the competition. Users have frequently been praised for the quality of the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 video feed. The Surface Pro 9 5G is no different from its predecessors. The front-facing camera remains 1080p and performs much better while conducting video calls. The Windows Hello camera has been recommended to users set up and is located next to that camera. A pair of 2W Dolby Atmos-compatible stereo speakers offer powerful, clean sound. The speakers work well for a meeting, and when users are not working the speakers provide audio accompaniment to any movie that can be watched on a streaming platform.  


Pen and Display

To put the display of the Surface Pro 9 5G in context, look at the Apple iPad Pro 12.9’s mini-LED-based Liquid Retina XDR display, which is capable of 120Hz. The iPad Pro has a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and a slightly lower 264 PPI. In terms of brightness and contrast, the Surface Po 9 5G falls short of the iPad Pro 12.9.

Apart from that tactile change, the Slim Pen 2 is identical to the one found on the Surface Pro 8. Users seem to enjoy the design of the drawing pen since it is lightweight, pleasant to handle, and never slides from their grip. In contrast to the Apple Pencil 2, Microsoft’s Slim Pen 2 uses both ends of the digital writing tool. A button along the pen’s body may also be used to activate various functionalities in a variety of apps. 


Battery and Performance

Despite the lack of complete compatibility with some of the PC world’s most sophisticated software, this is a well-performing machine that never gives users the impression that they are holding a phone disguised as a PC. With many apps and internet tabs running while driving a second HD screen, there were never any performance issues. The Surface Pro 9 5G scored over an hour longer Wi-Fi-based web browsing and is always ready to connect. There are few better-positioned computers than the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G if battery life and adaptability are at the top of your Windows 11 PC wishlist. It is a tablet with a touch screen and a phone-like battery life.


battery47.7 WHr that comes with a 65W AC Adapter
weight1.95 lbs (883g)
CPUMicrosoft SQ3 3.00GHz 
GraphicsAdreno 8CX Gen 3
camera10MP read camera with up to 4K video support, front-facing 5MP Camera with 1080P full HD video.
PortsSurface Type cover port, Surface Connector Port; 2 x USB-C with USB 4.0 or Thunderbolt 4.
ConnectivityWiFi 6E, Bluetooth v5.1

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