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Noise ColorFit Pro 4 Smartwatch review – Best in Budget Range

8.8Expert Score

The ColorFit Pro 4 from Noise seems to stand tall with feature pack options of Bluetooth connection, phone call and message connectivity. It gives huge competition to other popular id range brands with its highlighting elements.

  • Affordable in Price
  • Water Resistant
  • Sleep and Stress Monitor
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple color straps
  • Brightness not at par
  • Activity tracking is not accurate

Detailed Review of Noise ColorFit Pro4 smartwatch


Overview of ColorFit Pro4 smartwatch

The smartwatch with all the features in budget

Smartphone market in India has seen tremendous growth in recent years. With competitive prices and wide range of options the smartwatch demands are ever increasing. Noise is one of the companies who have gained huge representation in the smartwatch selling. As Noise, is still growing and making a mark they have launched a new smartwatch tao entertain budget buyers.

The ColorFit Pro 4 is the newly launched smartwatch from Noise which we will review today.


Design aspect of ColorFit Pro4

In terms of design there is lot of similarity between ColorFit Pro4 and ColorFit Pro3. Both have the same body structure; both have the similar curved edges in design. The dial of ColorFit Pro4 is square shape and it comes with a silicon strap to hold it. One of highlighting things is that the silicon strap comes in various colors. Thus, changing straps is also an optional with different moods or costumes.


Display analysis of ColorFit Pro4

The control buttons work great

The ColorFit Pro4 though is similar to its predecessor, the ColorFit Pro4 has some unique aspects in display than its former contemporaries. The dial size of the ColorFit Pro4 has increased, it is now at 1.72inch with TFT LCDH touchscreen. Th resolution has also increased, the ColorFit Pro4 comes with 365 X 400pixels. The refresh rate stands at 60Hz which helps in making smooth navigation on screen to give premium feels to customers.

The brightness standards of ColorFit Pro4 from Noise are above the satisfactory limits. It has brightness level of 500 nits and density at 311ppi. The sunlight legibility is pretty good in this smart watch as in when exposed to sunlight the screen display is clearly visible. The compact dial size makes it an ideal gadget to wear on your wrist, the body too is very light and can be the ideal pair smart accessory that can be worn fir whole day without any stress. The navigation can be controlled two ways, firstly through the side button and secondly by tapping on the display screen. The back of the dial contains a sensor in circular element to track the daily and said activities. The ColorFit Pro4 also comes with a magnetic pin for charging.


Features of ColorFit Pro4

Water and dust resistant , sleep tracker and much more
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The ColorFit Pro4 smartwatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity which means phone calls receiving and calling can be done seamlessly through the smartphone. The speakers for calling and taking to anybody over Bluetooth connectivity happens from the left side of the dial. Apart from calling, you can also check notifications through smartwatch dial. Message reply can also be done from smartwatch itself without checking any mobile for viewing.

  • Water and Dust resistant – The ColorFit Pro 4 has IP68 ratings which means it is hugely resistant to water and dust. When checked live it was seen the watch has no effect to sweat or splash of water in anyway.
  • The Sports Tracker – The smartwatch from Noise, ColorFit Pro 4 comes in handy for any sports enthusiasts out there. It has 100 different sports, so if you are avid sports you can choose from the modes to select the sport and asses your transformation through sensor tracking. Along with this the usual tracking’s like the heart beat monitor, blood and oxygen tracker and accelerometer are included too.  
  • Sleep and stress monitor- Sleep patterns and activity can be monitored in this watch. How many hours one is sleeping or is the sleep good or is one sleep derived everything can be tracked through the smart sensors of the watch. Even stress management tracker is also inbuilt in it. In which at certain point or situation how much stress level one is having it shows on the display screen. Although there can be a debate on how good that is but as a cool feature this does serve purpose.

Additional features like breathing, steps taken in a day, or calories burned all can be accessed through this compact smart watch from Noise. ColorFit Pro 4 comes with variety of faces which can be downloaded and customized as per one’s moods and preferences. The ColorFit Pro 4 comes with find my phone, weather forecast, reminder notification and many more. 


ColorFit Pro 4 connectivity to android and iOS

The mid-range ColorFit Pro 4 comes with V5.3 Bluetooth connection and is compatible with android and iOS. The ColorFit Pro 4 is compatible with Android 9 and above versions. To pair the ColorFit Pro 4 with android or iOS one has to download the app NoiseFit from either Apple or android store then connect it by providing few details..


Battery of ColorFit Pro 4

Battery of ColorFit Pro 4 last for 7 days

The ColorFit Pro 4 comes with 300mAh battery power. The battery easily last for 7 days, when tested live, it was seen even after using many features almost on daily basis, the battery lasted more than seven days. AS per charging is concerned, the company Noise, has requested the users to use normal adapter for ColorFit Pro 4. The fast-charging adapters are not required or may not support with ColorFit Pro 4. When set for charging the smartwatch ColorFit Pro 4 was fully charged within 2 hours.

Final Points

Among the budget range smartwatches, the ColorFit Pro 4 seems to stand tall with feature pack options of Bluetooth connection, phone call and message connectivity. It gives huge competition to other popular range of brands with its highlighting elements.  To sum up, the smartwatch comes good straps that fits perfectly on the wrist, without being bulky in its feel. One can easily wear it whole day, and type on laptop or work on paper with pen or pencil with feeling weighty.

The smart watch can be worn in any weather, it can be worn under scorching heat where in it does not burn your skin or does it cause precipitation. The smartwatch is easy to navigate and use by any age group and has very good sunlight legibility controls.


Detail on Noise ColorFit Pro 4
Product Dimensions‎4.7 x 3.9 x 1.2 cm; 45 Grams
Compatible Devices‎Smartphone
Special Features‎Alarm Clock
Batteries Required‎No
Wireless TypeBluetooth
Item Weight45g
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