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Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth Speaker review

7.2Expert Score
Not the best in market

The Sony SRS-XB13 is a Bluetooth speaker from Sony targeted for the budget friendly users. The sound though not of the best in the segment, or from what you can expect from Sony, but with few compressions , the sound at highest decibel does sound clear when heard.

  • Affordable in Price
  • Diffused sound
  • Balanced sound quality
  • 16-hour battery life
  • No stereo separation
  • Low max volume
  • Four-hour charge time
  • Bad microphone

Detailed Review of XB13 Bluetooth Speaker


Overview of XB13 Bluetooth Speaker

XB13 Bluetooth speaker is just advanced version of XB12 Bluetooth Speaker

The  Sony SRS-XB13 comes with a soundstage that produces a wide sound along with producing a boom effect that enhances the bass by adding some extra mix. But, the Bluetooth speakers fall short like most low budget speakers in creating low bass effects. As a result the thimble of hip hop music can be difficult to hear. The  Sony SRS-XB13 also lacks in Graphic EQ, which can be used to adjust sound levels.

For quite a few years the  Sony SRS-XB12 was one of the most sought after budget speakers from Sony with a good strap to carry, good price and for the performance and size. But now the baton has been shifted to  Sony SRS-XB13. The speaker from Sony is slightly better compared to its predecessor, the audio is now covering 360 degree sound, which when taken outdoors, be it poolside , bonfire or on camps everybody can get a clear audible sound. 


Portability of Sony SRS-XB13

The Sony speaker can be used indoor-outdoor

The indoor-outdoor Speaker – Sony SRS-XB13 with its many elements makes it a perfect entertainer gadget to be used indoors and outdoors. As the speaker comes with a detachable strap made of fabric , a rubber base for better grip, buttons made of rubber and flap that covers the port that is used for charging, it makes it an ideal gadget to be used in waters and will not cause any damage. The upper portion of the speaker has a metal grill that protects the bass vents at the bottom. There is a highlighting Sony logo on the side..


Ease of Use of Sony SRS-XB13

The control buttons work great

The control buttons – The controls for the speaker be it the volume, Bluetooth speaker and playback are all on the side. The Bluetooth button has two functions to play here , one is the obvious one where you pair your speaker with the source device to listen to audio and the other is when we pair two Sony SRS-XB13 speakers to create a party atmosphere or likewise. 
The playback button of the speaker performs multiple functions, it plays, rewind, pause and also receive calls. The Sony SRS-XB13  can be used without hand touching to receive any calls , this is a huge bonus point for this device.


Battery Performance of SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker

Pretty average to its standard
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Nothing to highlight, but a decent performance in terms of battery. For the size and budget one pays , it gives standard experience. The SRS-XB13 runs for a minimum 13 hours at a single charge, but when kept for charge it takes two hours to get charged back to full capacity. The power at which it charges or recommended charging power is 5 watts.


Look and feel of The Sony XB13

Not much change from Look and feel of The Sony XB12

The SRS-XB13 speaker is small in size, with light weight and has a very similar design to its SRS-XB12. The SRS-XB13 comes in multiple colors – light blue, taupe, powder blue. Lemon yellow and pink.


Sony XB13  voice assistant is a disaster

No inbuilt voice assistant

The voice assistant feature of this speaker is a disaster.  As the speaker does not have its own voice command assist, it uses the voice assistant of the phone. But even after much just like its earlier variant the Sony SRS XB13 was unable to pick up command even without any background noise. But, it was able to pick occasionally some normal voice commands which were not consistent. 

To sum up, with the features it has in stock, the Bluetooth speaker has tough competition with many contemporaries . So, before buying it is ideal to check out other options too, to get the best speaker for your needs.


Detail on Sony XB13 Bluetooth Speaker
Battery Life 11.5 hrs
Charging Port USB-C
Voice Activation No
Music Play/PauseYes (Physical)
Water ResistanceSubmersible (IPx7)
Volume 32 in³ (521 cm³)
Weight 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg)
Power Source Battery & USB
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Call Answer/End Yes (Physical)
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