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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 review

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best wearable accessory for people with Samsung phones. There are only a few, yet respectable, incremental improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Smartwatch users typically value health-tracking and battery life, which are enhanced but aren’t any radical changes here.

  • Slim, sporty, with functional design
  • More robust and scratch-resistant screen
  • Quite a bit less dependent on Samsung's network
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • A more durable product
  • The temperature sensor isn't doing much
  • The upgrades are extremely minor
  • Finicky touch bezel

Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5


Overview of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

As Samsung’s flagship smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch series, came into the limelight, the manufacturers are evolving their strategies yearly. Although it doesn’t look much different from last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, it offers a few incremental upgrades. What are those? Check out!  

Let’s dissect and take a look at all the aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 see if it is worth all the hype.



Earlier Samsung Galaxy watches offered a smoother transition between watch and strap and additional refined cases. Although the Galaxy Watch 5’s overall look remains athletic, what’s more versatile is customizing the watch face. Isn’t that cool? 

Unlike the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the Galaxy Watch 5 does not have a rotating bezel. Despite the protests of many watch 5 reviewers, it keeps the watch slim. Rotating bezels gained fans over the years, but seeing them go is fine too. 

Additionally, Samsung says the Galaxy Watch 5’s new curvature at the bottom allows more contact with the skin, improving biometric sensor accuracy. Sapphire crystal glass is used for the display, which Samsung boasts is robust to scratches by 60%. The IP68-rated watch is water-resistant up to 5ATM. 

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 Sapphire (44mm only), Silver, Graphite, and Pink Gold (40mm only) are the available colors for the Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung offers a variety of interchangeable bands with a much-appreciated variety to complement its silicone straps.


Fitness tracking

People found Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to be a reliable fitness companion in their workout tests. Samsung’s latest smartwatch has been receiving more day-to-day fitness experience reviews already, and it can do more than just count steps (although it does that too). While monitoring heart rate, calories burned, and time elapsed, the device records these metrics. Running, cycling, and pilates workouts are tracked, and specific workout movements, like push-ups and bicep curls, can be noted too.

However, many users report that auto-tracking for walking (among other activities) is their favorite Galaxy Watch 5 fitness tracking feature. Walking data is automatically tracked after the Galaxy Watch 5 has seen a movement for 10 minutes, and it is automatically stopped after about 10 minutes after the individual stops moving. Stopping at traffic lights was also easy with the auto-pause feature for walking.

Body composition analysis is still available on the Galaxy Watch 5. BIA tests can track how the body changes over time if you want to follow your fitness journey. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, you can easily take a BIA reading, especially compared with visiting your doctor to determine your physical makeup.


Skin temperature sensor

There will be no skin-temperature reader at launch, regrettably. So, Samsung has clarified the skin temperature sensor of the Galaxy Watch 5. Once it goes live, it won’t be long before we can try it out. In addition to Samsung’s 3-in-1 BioActive sensor, the Galaxy Watch 5 has an internal temperature analysis sensor. BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) measures heart rate, SpO2, and body composition using the BioActive sensor introduced last year. 


Wear OS

and body composition using the BioActive sensor introduced last year. 

  • Wear OS

Wear OS is at the core of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but Samsung’s own apps, watch faces, and menus are layered over it. Google services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Assistant, are among Wear OS 3’s most significant benefits. It also enables seamless pairing and syncing with other Samsung devices. Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 will offer an individualized user experience.


Sleep tracking

With the Galaxy Watch 5, you can set up customized sleep plans based on your sleep quality. Many reported the sleep tracking feature is accurate, and we don’t deny that. You can view data about your snoring and sleep stages on a Samsung phone or on your wrist. The Galaxy Watch 5’s blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor can also monitor respiratory rate overnight. As a result, this sensor reduces battery life, but we will get to that as you scroll. 


Battery life 

Battery life on the Galaxy Watch 5 is said to be up to 50 hours, 15% longer than on the Galaxy Watch 4. In other words, that’s a 10-hour improvement over before. In low-power, time-only mode, the Galaxy Watch 5 unit can last more than two days after fully charging. A 30-minute charge can provide 45% battery life, while an 8-minute charge can provide 8 hours of sleep tracking. In testing, the Galaxy Watch 5 lasted closer to 30 hours with the always-on display, and SpO2 monitoring enabled. 

There’s also an interesting temperature sensor, but you may want to wait before ordering since it’s not quite available yet. But, if you would like to give a try on this for all good reasons, don’t back off! 


Phone OS CompatibilityAndroid
Watch OSWear OS
ProcessorExynos W920 Dual-Core 1.18GHz
Display Size1.2 inches
Display TypeAMOLED
Fitness FeaturesAccelerometer, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor
Estimated Battery Life50 hours
Separate App StoreYes
Phone Call CapacityYes
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